Good Bye Lap Top Welcome Roll Top

So, welcome Roll top! This is a portable computer development concept designed for everyone, who would like to have a gadget, which, from an aesthetic standpoint alone, certainly hits the mark. By virtue of the OLED-Display technology and a multitouchscreen the utility of a laptop computer with its weight of a mini-notebook and screen size of 13 inch easily transforms into the graphics tablet, which with its 17-inch flat screen can be also used as a primary monitor due to the support attached to the back of the screen.

Lifestyle Gadgets

The recent technology development affect on practically all aspects of modern life, including human health of course. From electronic gadgets to better health is not only slogan but real way of improvement of quality life.

I’m sure that most of you have on your shelves different health electronic gadgets you need in your everyday life, though it were outdore sport watch, baby monitor, Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting adn LCD Display or Wireless Dental Camera with AV/USB Connection, Digital Head and Neck Massager with Air Pressure, Heat, and Soothing Music, Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, and more.

Like this small and handy to use and conrol a blood presure gadget – Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit which is available on Amazon right now.

Heart guide technology
Two user mode
Bp level indicator
Slim portable design
Detect irregular heartbeat

SCiO: Your Sixth Sense

Israeli scientists created an amazing gadget which helps you to make your shopping right. It is like a mass spectrometer in your pocket!

While you’re shopping you can use this gadget to check out all products you choose just with this molecular sensor in your pocket. I hope it will be on the market soon.

Healthy gadgets

There are great number cool gadgets today helping to keep ones health and physical condition well.

The Withings Pulse is one of those digital trainer that can help us all be more active. It captures steps, burned calories, elevation climbed and distance traveled. This really device (8g only!) will tell you your heart rate as well your steps, calories burned, and how well you’re sleeping.

Once you/ve synced it to your smartphone or tablet, you will discover your data put into perspective. The Pulse offers an empowering experience as you are able to know yourself better as well as it’s truly excellent tool on the way of weight loss.

here is official video presentation of the gadget

Also you can check out such popular gadgets as
Nike Fuelband (£129) which can help you tracking your activity allowing a good way to motivate yourself to do more.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

keep you informed of your body weight, BMI, and body fat percentage along with resting heart rate as well as a good indicator of overall fitness.

Samsung TV

Samsung has introduced its first curved TV with 55-inch OLED-panel. Samsung and LG are the only TV makers in the world. Kim Hyunsuk, the executive vice president of Samsung’s TV division, said the company is optimistic about demand for the high-end TV. “OLED is about picture quality,” Kim told reporters. “We are sure that we realized the perfect picture quality.”

Firstly such device had been presented at the beginning of the year though, the commercial version has got some changes, mainly it concerns the design of new TV.

Now, the new product will be available in Korea only and cost approximately $13 000. However we can expect that Samsung Tcurved TV maybe will sell abroad almost in the next month, thoigh Korean company did not specify yet the date and countries where curved device will be appeared. The had promised to launch TV devices in 2012 but delayed the launch to this year.

Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone

The Lensbaby has provided super-strong, adhesive-backed stainless steel rings around the phone’s lens, where the magnets located on the ends of the lens would then allow it to be attached as well as removed from your iPhone without breaking a sweat. Thanks to a magnet located on both sides of the lens, shutterbugs can use other magnetic mobile phone accessory lenses too, including wide angle, macro, telephoto, polarizing filters, the works, on their Sweet Spot Lens to alter their focal length.

The Sweet Spot Lens is the first Lensbaby offering for smartphones and consists of a small anodized aluminum body lens barrel, which attaches over a camera lens with magnets and an adhesive-backed stainless steel ring. Inside there are a series of optics which give users the ability to shoot with the signature dreamy Lensbaby look, and the lens gives a focal length equivalent of 17 mm on most phones.

Because the Sweet Spot Lens has magnets on both ends, it can also be used in conjunction with other magnetic mobile lenses or filters. This will be good news for dedicated phone-photographers who already have fish-eye, telephoto, macro or polarizing attachments for their smartphone and want to maximize their in-camera creative options.

The app can also be used to lock a focus point, apply filters and use features including exposure lock, spot and evaluative metering. There’s also the ability to move the sweet spot of focus around the frame while composing the image. However, it’s not quite like using a Lensbaby on a DSLR. Here you’re essentially using a live cropping tool, and dragging the crop to move the sweet spot around the image.

DSLR and compact system camera users who desire the analog effect have turned to Lensbaby, the maker of interchangeable art lenses that create a soft focus effect that gives photos a unique look. The company is now bringing its “sweet spot” focus to the masses, with the new Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone (LM-10), its first lens made for mobile devices. The magnetically attached accessory now allows iPhone photographers to capture images with depth of field – a point of sharp focus surrounded by gradually increasing blur – with hardware, rather than a software filter.

When defining the term image quality there are several qualifiers that go into the mix. Among them are tonality, contrast, brightness, and dynamic range, which is the degree of detail one can detect in the deepest shadows and brightest highlights. And then you have sharpness, which might be the trickiest to define.

‘”Is it sharp?” might just be the number-one question people ask when shopping for lenses. After all, if you’re going to be taking pictures with the camera you worked long and hard to purchase, you want to be assured the lens you’re contemplating to buy will perform as advertised and deliver pictures you’ll want to share with others.

Cambridge Audio Minx Air

The Cambridge Audio Minx Air is one of the most remarkable gadget 2013. If you’re serious about music this wireless system allow you to play all your music no matter where it’s located – your phone, tablet or computer. It’s important that while it’s playing your music, you can use your phone or tablet to do whatever you need to do.

Cambridge Audio Minx

is quick and easy to set up
Stream music from your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer
Listen to your favourite Internet radio stations
Incredible, room-filling sound
Sleek design built to last

5 New Apps you probably haven’t heard of yet

Facebook? Old hat. Google Maps? Been there, done that. Instagram? Very 2012.

By this point we’re all extremely familiar with the world of apps – those myriad applications which allow us to unlock all manner of uses for our smartphones and tablets. A select few – generally very well marketed – apps dominate a huge percentage of the column inches in the technology journalism world, and we think that’s a great tragedy.

We can’t imagine life without Angry Birds, it’s true, but there’s so much else out there on the app market that demands your attention and could even change the way you live.

Here are five of our favourites which we think you need to know about:

1. Wordly – Trust a writer to pick an app like Wordly as their number 1… Wordly is a fantastically fun game which pits the player’s lexicon against either their friends or ‘bots’, which include virtual incarnations of articulate figures of the past such as William Shakespeare and Cleopatra. Highly enjoyable, a great mental workout and above all, a chance for linguaphiles to show off.

2. Sunrise – If Wordly sounds like a waste of time to you, maybe you’ll prefer Sunrise, an app designed to pull together all the digital loose ends of your life and clarify your schedule. Sunrise combines dates from your Facebook, Google and LinkedIn calendars to create one master calendar, obviating the need to check each one individually. Sunrise also features map data and attendee lists for events, so you know exactly what to expect wherever you go!

3. SpeedQuizzing – When smartphones first started appearing a few years ago, many believed this could spell the end of the line for good, old fashion pub quizzing – the new devices made it extremely easy to cheat by simply looking up the answers to questions on Google.

Ironically, smartphones now seem to be injecting a new lease of life into the quizzing pastime, in the form of SpeedQuizzing. This app allows teams to use a smartphone or tablet as a buzzer to let the quizmaster know they’ve figured out the answer. Beautifully simple and innovative. You can get all your speed quizzing questions answered at their site.

4. PeakFinder – If you ever find yourself in a notably mountainous area, look up PeakFinder and see if they’ve got the region covered. This clever app allows you to view the names and details of the mountain peaks rising right in front of your screen.

5. Bowel Mover Pro – The app that logs your bowel movements! It’s real! An essential purchase.

Samsung F8500

Samsung introduced a new Series of flagship F8500 Plasma TV, class-leading Smart TV tech, based on LCD and plasma screens. Sure, we have become fans of plasma TVs as they provide great brightness levels, excellent contrast, detail accuracy and deeper colors and contrast than LCD TVs, despite Plasma TV is more expensive and heavier. Samsung has been making televisions for a while, and the Samsung F8500 is a top-of-the-line plasma TV.

Samsung F8500

Samsung F8500 Features

Diagonal screen size 46 and 55 inches
Ultra-thin design
Edge LED backlight panels
Coverage Ultra Clear Panel
Technology to improve transmission of motion 1000 Clear Motion Rate
Color enhancement technology Wide Color Enhancer Plus
Micro Dimming Ultimate technology
Native resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Function AllShare Play (built-in DLNA-Client)
Feature AnyNet + (HDMI-control devices from a single console)
Samsung Smart TV 2.0
Smart Interaction 2.0 (control gestures and voice)
Support Evoltion Kit (updated hardware and software platform)

Samsung’s F8500 plasma TV

is a stunning piece of technology that gives you
a stunning enhanced high-quality 3D picture
elegant metal design into your home
viewing recommendations tailored for you†
a wealth of online Smart Hub content

Also it looks absolutely great and has a huge range of built-in features, and the picture it produces is among the best we’ve seen.

Kindle for Android

Amazon is wide known and very popular ebook reading platform which is providing now the app allowing you to download and read Amazon’s electronic books on your phone.

Using the link placed within the Kindle for Android’s app you can buy ebooks from Amazon downloading a trial chapter, or grabbing one of the Kindle books you already own (these are automatically backed up by Amazon).

Simply tap on the cover a book to start reading it with Kindle for Android. To flick through the pages you just need to swipe your finger left or right. Tap the Menu button and you’ll get a bunch of other options that can enhance your reading pleasure. For instance, you can add bookmarks, change the font size, and alter the color of the text. The ‘Go to’ icon in Kindle for Android aids navigation, allowing you to jump to the cover, the table of contents, the beginning or to a specific location or bookmark.